We are REAL FOOD HUB, a Community Group Effort of Farmers coming together as a Distribution Partnership to help streamline marketing and delivery expenses, and to offer you a good, dependable selection of quality wholesale goods. In addition, Real Food Hub is offering Organic Dry Goods Grocery products in wholesale quantity.

This website is meant for orders from resturants, stores, farmstands, and individuals that wish to buy larger quantities of wholesale goods. For retail orders, please visit our other website at www.martinsfarmstand.com, or come out to the stand at 11 Needham Road, east of Potsdam. We have various pickup and delivery options in Winthrop, Massena, Potsdam, Canton, Ogdensburg, Colton, and Tupper Lake. We do not have rigid minimum orders, however we normally expect you to be buying at least half tubs of an item at a time to qualify for wholesale pricing. Anything prepacked cannot normally be split.


All of the growers refresh the inventory every Monday morning with what is available for harvest that week.
The ordering will be open throughout the entire week. We do have some ability to respond to last minute orders but ordering several days ahead is best. We will usually fill the orders in the order received. We will do our best to give warning when an item is running out for stores and restaurants that are ordering regularly so that you can switch to another supplier in an orderly manner.

For produce items the quantity available is an estimate and sometimes the numbers available are changing way too fast to keep accurate on a website. Many items get picked 3-4 times a week so just because we are sold out today does not mean that we do not have lots tomorrow. Sometimes we do not really know how much we have until the person picking it actually brings it in from the field. If an item is on the list but the quantity is zero or below you can still order. It is in season. There is a fair chance that it can be filled as we try to be conservative with these numbers. If it is critical for you to know if you are getting an item contact us or put a note on the order and we will send a confirmation email.
Buyers pick their orders up at Martin’s Needham Road Market on Tuesdays or Fridays between 10 am and 6 pm unless other arrangements have been made. We offer delivery on qualifying orders in the Winthrop, Massena, Hannawa Falls, Potsdam, Canton area. We will mostly be delivering on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you want delivery please contact us about details.

We will also have a selection of available produce in the coolers at Martins Farmstand. You are invited to come any week day and buy wholesale on the spot, without pre-ordering, from what ever abundance is in our cooler. This selection will be the best right after the main collection run to all the farms on Tuesday and Friday mornings. In the peak seasons we are picking produce up to 6 days a week. Of course, all this is available as soon as it is harvested.

In many cases the posted prices are not rigid. Make an Offer! If we have enough product we will fill your order at your price. Excess produce that is left after orders are filled will occasionally be offered at bargin prices to anyone who has expressed interest in or made an offer on that product and then may be found at our physical locations.

Note that this is a community group effort and we will attempt to disclose the farmer who expects to have available product in advance. There is always a chance that this can change. Lettuce can bolt and get bitter in one person’s patch in one day, but be fine in another. We will attempt to fill your order from the farm requested so you can use this information in your presentation of these products, whether it be on your shelves or in your menu. However, be aware, that if there is a problem doing so, we will substitute from the farm with the best product. If you would like to refuse substitutions, please let us know. In so doing there is a greater chance that there may not be product available from time to time. Real Food Hub does not sell products bought from the commercial market. We market from a group of less than 10 small farmers that live between Winthrop, Bangor, Potsdam and St. Regis Falls. We all grow without the use of GMO products, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. None of us have chosen to pay for or undergo the record keeping required for organic certification.

We also have our regular physical farm stands at each individual farm, most open Monday through Saturday during the growing season. You can find several of us at local farmer’s markets as well. Wholesale quantities are best ordered in advance. The largest wholesale selection of produce will usually be found at Martins Farmstand, open from May through November, 10am- 6pm, Monday-Saturday. Here you will find a large, ever changing, selection of chemical-free produce when it is in season, located at 11 Needham Road in Potsdam. Martin’s contact number is 315-265-1246. The Real Food Hub dry goods warehouse is not open for regular store hours, as it is basically a storage location. If you need immediate assistance regarding those products please call Cherie Whitten at 328-5559 or email realfoodhub@gmail.com

Here is a partial list of crops planned for 2015 with the estimated available dates.

Asparagus May 5 – June 20
Apples Aug. 15 – Dec. 1
Arugula June 20 – Nov. 15
Blueberries July 15 – Sept. 1
Basil July 8 – Oct. 1
Beans – Green and Yellow July 10 – Oct. 15
Beets – Red and Golden July 10 – Dec. 30
Beet Greens June 30 – Aug. 1
Brussels Sprouts Sept. 10 – Nov. 25
Broccoli June 30 – Nov. 15
Cilantro June 25 – Nov. 10
Cabbage – Green and Red June 30 – Dec. 30
Carrots July 30 – Dec. 30
Cauliflower Aug. 1 – Oct. 15
Cantaloupe Aug. 15 – Dec. 15
Celery and Celeriac Sept. 10 – Nov. 15
Cucumbers July 12 – Sept. 15
Dill June 25 – Nov. 10
Greenhouse Arugula April 30 – June 10
Greenhouse Cucumbers May 20 – July 15
Greenhouse Kale April 30 – June 10
Greenhouse Tomatoes May 30 – Nov. 1
Greenhouse Zucchini May 20 – July 15
Green Onions (Scallions) May 30 – Aug. 20
Gladiolas, Zinnias, Sunflowers July 15 – Sept. 20
Eggplant June 15 – Oct. 1
Garlic July 25 – Oct. 15
Kale June 30 – Dec. 15
Kolirabi July 15 – Sept. 30
Leeks Sept. 15 – Nov. 25
Leaf Lettuce – Green and Red May 30 – Nov. 1
Romaine Lettuce – Green and Red June 15 – Oct. 20
Head Lettuce June 30 – Oct. 1
Onions – Dry Aug. 15 – Dec. 30
Onions – Sweet July 15 – Sept. 20
Parsley – Curly and Italian June 25 – Nov. 5
Parsnip Oct. 10 – April 15
Peas – Snap and Hull June 30 – July 20
Peppers – Sweet and Hot July 10 – Oct. 15
Cauliflower Aug 1- Oct 15
Cantalope Aug 15- Sept 15
Celery and Celeriac Sept 10- Nov 15
Cucumbers and pickles July 12- Sept 15
Dill june 25 – nov 10
Greenhouse Cucumbers May20- July 15
Greenhouse Kale and Arugula April 30- June 10
Greenhouse Tomatoes May 30- Nov 1
Green Onions (scallions) May 30- Aug 20
Glads, Zinnia , Sunflowers July 15- Sept 20
Eggplant June 15- Oct 1
Garlic July 25- Oct 15
Greenhouse zucchini May 20- July 15
Kale June 30- Dec 15
Kolrabi July 15- Sept 30
Leeks Sept 15- Nov 25
Leaf Lettuce Green and Red May 30- Nov 1
Romaine Lettuce Green and red June 15- Oct 20
Head lettuce June 30- Oct 1
Onions Dry Aug 15- Dec 30
Onions Sweet July 15- Sept 20
Parsley curly and italian June 25- Nov 5
Parsnip Oct 10- April 15
Peas Snap and Hull June 30- July20
Peppers Sweet and Hot July 10- Oct 15
Pears several Kinds Aug 20- Sept 25
Potatoes New July 10- Sept 30
Potatoes white, Red, Russet, Yellow Aug 25- March 10
Rhubarb May 5- June 20
Raspberries Summer July 10- Aug 10
Raspberries Fall Aug 25- Oct 15
Radish June 15- Nov 10
Radichio Sept 1- Oct 30
Rutabaga Sept 15- Feb 1
Salad Mix May 30- Nov 5
Spinach Overwintered May 10- May 25
Spinach June 15- Nov8
Swiss chard June 25- Nov 6
Sweet Corn July 25- Oct 15
SweetPotatoes Sept 10- Nov 1
Strawberries Picked June17- July 4
Strawberries U-pick June 17- July 4
Tomatoes canning Aug25- Sept 25
Tomatoes Many Kinds Aug 10- Oct 15
Tomitilios Aug 10- Oct 15
Turnips Sept 15- Feb 1
Winter Squash Many Kinds Sept 1- Nov 25
Watermelons Aug 15- Oct 15
Zucchini and Yellow Squash July 10- Oct 15